Pengembangan Kepribadian Narapidana melalui Pendidikan Agama Islam (Penelitian di Lembaga Pemasyarakatan kelas II B Ciamis)

  • Afif Miftahul Basar Institut Agama Islam Darussalam (IAID) Ciamis Jawa Barat


This research is motivated that Penitentiary Institution is an institution of criminal justice sub-system which has strategic function as executor of imprisonment as well as a place for guidance for prisoners. Therefore, in order for prisoners to be aware of and to regret their wrong actions, to improve themselves, and not to repeat their crimes any longer, there needs to be an activity to develop the personality of the prisoners in a better direction so that once free will be able to live in the community freely and to be responsible. The activities undertaken to develop personality such as through Islamic religious education.
The purpose of this study is to find out how planning, organizational, implementation, and evaluation in the development of prisoner personality through Islamic religious education. With hope after following this activity the inmates have a good personality, so the inmates can be whole human beings, cautious to God Almighty, responsible to self, family, and also society, and after free will be expected to have various skills as a result follow this activity.
This research is a qualitative research with the type of field research (field research), the researchers plunge and observe directly on the object to be studied. The research approach used is interpretive approach. Source of data taken from secondary data obtained from library research and primary data obtained from field research then arranged in a sequence and systematic and then analyzed by using qualitative method. In the method of data analysis, researchers describe and describe the development of prisoner personality through Islamic religious education, which includes planning, organizational, implementation, and evaluation.
The results showed that Personality Development carried out in prison class II B Ciamis begins with; preparing the activity plan as a treatment for prisoners who are promotionaltreatment and social treatment, organizing, implementation of personality development of the inmates are applied there are two areas of personality and independence, and evaluation in the development of personality of prisoners, among others; revamping the Human Resources, changing the building along with the completeness, classifying the Prisoners, and optimizing the coaching programs. Personality Development Programs are implemented by correctional officers in cooperation with government agencies or private sector, taking into account the enforcement of human rights.

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